VOYR - Plan Forward
Public update on the roadmap for VOYR forward

State of the Union

VOYR has reached a point where the economics of the platform have caused us to have to access the operating funds via LP access to keep the platform operational. VOYR has a monthly keep the lights on operational bare-bones budget of about $5,400. We have made substantial reductions in operational expenses and eliminated contractors to reach this level from about $8,000 previously. That said, VOYR has been substantially delivered as a platform by the development team and they still are working through the final open V1 deployment bugs. We had to make final payment on the platform which was why we had to tap so much liquidity from the operations wallet.
To give VOYR the best path forward we are enabling a new approach to accessing the platform along with laser focusing on our messaging, marketing, and feature set to adult creators.

Currency Expansion

We are in the process of enabling the use of other EVM-based tokens on the VOYR platform. This will remove the friction of having to purchase VOYRME for some users and enable us to allow for stable coin use on the platform. We are going to enable support for ETH, USDC, BNB, and BUSD to start. Creators will be able to specify if they want to be paid in one of these currencies or not. We are enabling BNB and BUSD for everyone.
To not devalue the VOYRME token with this expansion a few things are going to happen. First, VOYRME will still be favored as the primary token which is a 6% tax. All other enabled coins will incur a 10% tax. The differential of 4% of the tax will be directly added back into the liquidity pool for the VOYRME token. So that there is a reward generated on every transaction for VOYRME holders.
By enabling broad support other EVM based tokens, eventually any EVM compatible token we can enable and support on VOYR. This allows other communities and projects to have a place to utilize their tokens where they may not have any utility today. We will be enabling the same on Memories by VOYR our NFT marketplace. VOYR will come first.

Platform Enhancements

We are the first to own that the intial launch of VOYR has been had more bugs then we would have liked. We are pushing new ground here and it took some load at scale to uncover items that just would have never surfaced during the beta. So we thank eveyrone for their feedback and reports to helping us squash these issues. Our bug backlog is getting under control, but is still longer than we like. We hae committment from the dev team to resolve all v1.0 issues under our paid contract. We are balancing bug fixing with the new enhancements we need to keep driving the platform forward. Primarily live video streaming and the currency expansion. Both efforts are being release developed together and will be slipped stream in along with bug fixes over the next 4 weeks. Once we are through this phase we will pause and evaluate the community, use, and demand for new features. We have maintenance agreements in place 3 months to cover fixes and small additions, but net new functionality will need to be scoped and budgeted.

Community Communication

We are going to bring back the weekly video AMAs on Sunday. The community has spoken that it wants to have interactive opportunity to ask questions and give feedback and that is going to happen. We will start this week on Sunday, November 7. I will be posting community updates daily on Discord with links to the latest big fix reports that are being addresses so the community can see and test what is being fixed on a daily basis.
In regards to VOYR / Voyager executive staff communication. I can't share personal details, but we have some team members dealing with things right now that make them unavailable. We are all picking up the slack and load for our team members while also caring for them. We are one big family. Many times I am seen as the only person speaking, but it is because we want a unified message coming out, but the decisions don't happen in a vaccum. I trust my team and their input and counsel. We come up with a plan together, but the communication sometimes seems single threaded. I have encouraged the team to chime and share input when and where they like, but please understand, just because you don't see someone speaking, it doesn't mean they aren't hard a work doing the best they can for VOYR.

The Road Ahead

I don't have a crystal ball, but we do have a plan and we are putting ourselves on the best path forward for the opportunity for VOYR to succeed. The plan is three fold:
  1. 1.
    We are doubling down on the creator type that will generate the most activity and revenue for VOYR and that is the adult creator type. With live video, our subscription service, and paywall functionality we are a prime alternative and attractive / profitable option for these creators to come on to the platform. This doesn't mean that all others aren't welcome, but when we have to focus our energy and marketing efforts with limited resources at once group that can move the need the fastest, this is the area of our attention.
  2. 2.
    By opening up to all EVM based tokens and going for the chain tokens that make it easy or almost frictionlist to do commerce on VOYR, we see one of the big barriers for people getting on VOYR going away. We are continuing to work on the native IOS and Android apps with these updates in mind to make it even easier for anyone to get on VOYR.
  3. 3.
    Marketing outreach - we are putting on a big display and using the Miami Crypto Experience to highight VOYR and the other Voyager Media Group brands at the show. The TIAGO Ten Million Dollar art project will be kicking off there as well and remember that a substantial portion of the proceeds from that project come to VOYR and our token holders.
  4. 4.
    Platform governance - I am starting a committee of the community and advisors to look at putting a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) in place to create a governance board and endowment fund to oversee and operate VOYR. By freeing VOYR from our corporate brand and giving the community of users the ability to own and oversight the platform it stands the best chance for long-term succes. We would do a fund raise with DAO via an NFT sale for profit-sharing. Profit generated from VOYR instead of flowing into Voyager will be staked and the grow and endowment fund with interest generated profit-shared back out to the NFT holders. As part of this longer term planning we will establish a conversion claim process that is equitable to exsiting VOYRME token holders.
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