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State of the Union Update - February 7, 2022

VOYR has reached a point where the economics of the token made the future viability of the existing VOYRME token unrecoverable from a liquidity and market cap perspective. Valuing input from the community and in concert with our board of directors, the decision was made to sunset the VOYRME token in favor of a new public ICO and to grant via a future claim drop the re-issuance of a new token. The new token will NOT be called VOYR or VOYRME. It will be announced shortly, but will replace and become the official favored token of all things VOYR. As part of this process we will be changing the tokenomics of the token to ensure long term viability, sustainable growth and community, platform, and creators. The final design of the token is being worked this week with a community review planned for Wednesday / Thursday before finalizing and producing the smart contract.
We will be offering via pre-sale on a major launchpad the new token. The goal is to provide a strong basis of liquidity. At the time of the decision to sunset VOYRME, we cut a HODLers list and will be using that to account for the percentage allocation in a claim drop in the new token. We are not considering the dead address which held over 65% of the VOYRME tokens, nor the remaining tokens that were on hand of record in the marketing, operations, and ownership wallet. A new much smaller allocation will be carved for marketing and operations in the new token. The only wallet being allocated it's fair share in the new token is the charity funds wallet. Our goal at launch is a solid price point at reasonable market cap that can be quickly seen as attractive to existing HODLers and new investors.
In concert with the new token launch, we will be releasing two new version of VOYR - The Social Exchange and MEMORIES - The NFT Marketplace. In addition, we will be launching VOYR.RED a series of 100% adult creator and content focused sites that will be also powered by the same token. All this will drive substantial utility. That said, we are continuing with our plans with the new launch to expand the platforms to support open currency. This will drive a change in how reflections work to a model where value add taxation will take place. The tax model is fair, paid by the buyer in a blended pricing engine and allow us to define how the portion of tax for the community is reflected back. At the current time our plans is to use our planned staking pools and reflect back in the tax to the community as BUSD or BNB. This will encourage HODLing and allow for redemption of tradable coins with market pegged value. A portion of the tax will continue to grow the LP as well.

Currency Expansion

We are in the process of enabling the use of other EVM-based tokens on the VOYR platform. This will remove the friction of having to purchase VOYRME for some users and enable us to allow for stable coin use on the platform. We are going to enable support for ETH, USDC, BNB, and BUSD to start. Creators will be able to specify if they want to be paid in one of these currencies or not. We are enabling BNB and BUSD for everyone.
To not devalue the VOYRME token with this expansion a few things are going to happen. First, VOYRME will still be favored as the primary token which is a 6% tax. All other enabled coins will incur a 10% tax. The differential of 4% of the tax will be directly added back into the liquidity pool for the VOYRME token. So that there is a reward generated on every transaction for VOYRME holders.
By enabling broad support other EVM based tokens, eventually any EVM compatible token we can enable and support on VOYR. This allows other communities and projects to have a place to utilize their tokens where they may not have any utility today. We will be enabling the same on Memories by VOYR our NFT marketplace. VOYR will come first.

Community Communication

We are going to bring back the weekly video AMAs on Sunday. The community has spoken that it wants to have interactive opportunity to ask questions and give feedback and that is going to happen. We will start this week on Sunday, November 7. I will be posting community updates daily on Discord with links to the latest big fix reports that are being addresses so the community can see and test what is being fixed on a daily basis.
In regards to VOYR / Voyager executive staff communication. I can't share personal details, but we have some team members dealing with things right now that make them unavailable. We are all picking up the slack and load for our team members while also caring for them. We are one big family. Many times I am seen as the only person speaking, but it is because we want a unified message coming out, but the decisions don't happen in a vaccum. I trust my team and their input and counsel. We come up with a plan together, but the communication sometimes seems single threaded. I have encouraged the team to chime and share input when and where they like, but please understand, just because you don't see someone speaking, it doesn't mean they aren't hard a work doing the best they can for VOYR.

The Road Ahead

I don't have a crystal ball, but we do have a plan and we are putting ourselves on the best path forward for the opportunity for VOYR to succeed. The plan is three fold:
  1. 1.
    We are doubling down on the creator type that will generate the most activity and revenue for VOYR and that is the adult creator type. With live video, our subscription service, and paywall functionality we are a prime alternative and attractive / profitable option for these creators to come on to the platform. This doesn't mean that all others aren't welcome, but when we have to focus our energy and marketing efforts with limited resources at once group that can move the need the fastest, this is the area of our attention.
  2. 2.
    By opening up to all EVM based tokens and going for the chain tokens that make it easy or almost frictionless to do commerce on VOYR, we see one of the big barriers for people getting on VOYR going away. We are continuing to work on the native IOS and Android apps with these updates in mind to make it even easier for anyone to get on VOYR.
  3. 3.
    Platform governance - I am starting a committee of the community and advisors to look at putting a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) in place to create a governance board and endowment fund to oversee and operate VOYR. By freeing VOYR from our corporate brand and giving the community of users the ability to own and oversight the platform it stands the best chance for long-term succes. We would do a fund raise with DAO via an NFT sale for profit-sharing. Profit generated from VOYR instead of flowing into Voyager will be staked and the grow and endowment fund with interest generated profit-shared back out to the NFT holders. As part of this longer term planning we will establish a conversion claim process that is equitable to exsiting VOYRME token holders.
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