Profit Sharing Buybacks (Burns)
You should be rewarded for being engaged
1% of the transactional tax for all transactions that take place the VOYR platform will be used to fund continuous operations of the company. As an operating business with normal expenses such as salaries, healthcare, rent, liability insurance along with others we are have built our business funding model around the platform success.
On a quarterly basis excess profits from this funding model will be used to fund buybacks and burns of $VOYR token that will continue to decrease the circulating supply increasing the value to all holders of $VOYR. This built in flexibility will allow the company the funds needed to successful continue operations and reward our investors who hold $VOYR token with additional increase value over time.
The initial planned share allocation will be 90% to company operations and 10% to profit sharing buyback burn. Approval of the profit sharing buyback allocation is subject to board approval and all board meetings where the percentage is discussed and voted on will be held as a public meeting.
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