Linear Vesting Schedule
Keeping it fair for early access
Our SafeSale launchpad is powering the $VOYRME token pre-sale and post-sale processes. The purpose is to offer a fair and democratized approach to early access of $VOYRME tokens before the public launch. The 6% transaction tax that occurs typically during a transaction doesn't apply to this initial purchase. We modeled this process much like early friends and family round would be available at startup organizations. The one condition for early access is a vesting schedule to when the total equity is owned and available to be sold.
For $VOYRME token pre-sale, anyone registering and buying in the pre-sale will agree to the 180-day linear vesting schedule. You vest every second over 180 days till the total purchase allocation of $VOYRME is accessible.


You purchase 5 BNB worth $VOYRME for a total of 45,000,000 $VOYRME tokens during the pre-sale. Your vesting starts immediately, and your vest back and earn access to your $VOYRME every second.
Vesting Math (180 Days = 15,552,000 seconds) 45,000,000 $VOYRME / 15,552,000 seconds = 2.894 $VOYRME vested every second
Schedule Table
Vested VOYR
1 second
1 Minute
1 Hour
1 Day
1 Month (30 days)
6 Months (180 days)
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