About VOYR
The community where creators and fans are empowered to create and celebrate art + life
VOYR is a crowd-sale funded company that has given detailed attention to ensure the robustness of its business model — and a major part of this is ensuring the liquidity of its token, $VOYRME. The goal is to establish a system that is transparent, user-friendly, and has investment value.
VOYR is one of the first decentralized content platforms for creators, artists, musicians, celebrities, and fans. It integrates blockchain functionality into a comprehensive ecosystem with unique interactive features and monetizing tools for the creators.
The VOYR platform provides a completely new level of interaction for all participants — and provides a mechanism for monetizing every aspect of it. The platform is powered by the $VOYRME token, which is the currency within the system.
The community platform is planned for launch in Q2 2021. An early invite period will open in Q3 2021 for selected creators and fans. General availability will be in early 2022. Please see our roadmap for further details.
The $VOYRME token public availability is planned for June 2021, with a public pre-sale preceding launch. The business is well-positioned to compete in the adult creative market, anticipated to have a turnover of $100 billion in 2021 and an audience growing from 400 million to 600 million by 2025. VOYR will benefit from numerous sources of revenue generation, including:
We are excited to have you as part of the VOYR community, and we welcome you to become investors and "hodlers" of $VOYRME.
It Pays to See. It Pays to be Seen. It Pays to HODL. Team VOYR
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