Our Team
This doesn't happen in a vacuum we have a talented team.

VOYR Team Background

VOYR is being led by a well-seasoned team of executives who have over 50 years of combined experience in technology. VOYR is a community platform that is wholly owned and operated by the Voyager Media Group, Inc.
Voyager Media Group is incorporated in Florida and has headquartered offices based in Tampa. Voyager was started as an incubation hub to launch blockchain-powered communities and technologies, of which VOYR is the first.
Building on dedication to successfully building, scaling, and leading some of the largest software companies in the world, our leadership team is well seasoned for the task of building out VOYR and the Voyager Media Group empire.

Core Team

David Siles - Board Chairman | Co-Founder, Voyager - A twenty-five-year technology executive who led public sector agencies and fast-growing start-ups, including leadership positions at Rubrik, HyTrust, DataGravity, Veeam, NovoPoint, Illinois Trading, Kane County, IL, City of Chicago, and AMnorth. Currently serves as the Chairman of the Board, providing direct executive advice and leadership to the team.
Brandon Meyer - Chief Technology Officer | Co-Founder, Voyager - A twenty-year technology veteran specializing in the latest technologies throughout his career, including remote desktops, virtualization, cloud computing, internet bot protection, and cryptocurrency. As a leader in technology, Brandon has spoken at large technology events, including VMworld.
Enrique Barreto - President | Co-Founder, Voyager - As a twenty-three-year executive, Enrique has a constant record of positioning organizations for success, driving multimillion-dollar sales growth, uncovering new revenue streams, and building highly accomplished teams that demonstrate profound dedication to operational excellence across the world. He has worked in leadership positions at fast-growing startup organizations such as Rubrik, DataGravity, Dell EMC, and Talbots. He is currently serving as President of Voyager Media Group.