Manual Burns
Even forests need them
We will burn 50% from the initial pool at launch of $VOYR token. Please take a look at tokenomics pages for token allocation percentage and uses.
Just like in the forest, controlled burns can be a good thing. The team can help the community and the platform by having controlled burns promoted based on achievements of the platform helps to keep the community rewarded and informed. We will continue to be open and transparent about the conditions of the manual burn and the amounts will be advertised and tracked.
VOYR aims to implement a burn strategy that is beneficial and rewarding for those engaged for the long term success of the platform and financial benefit of $VOYR holders.
Furthermore, the total number of $VOYR burned is featured on our website and allows for further transparency in identifying the current circulating supply at any given point in time.
Excess funds generated above the operating funding we need will be used to fund our Profit Sharing Buyback Burns program. Additionally after the initial development, marketing, and launch of the company, any excess funds remaining from the pre-allocated launch fund wallet, will be transferred to the burn address and lock up forever decreasing the circulating supply of $VOYR and increasing the value to holders.
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