$VOYRME Tokenomics
The currency of empowerment
Total Pool Supply: 1 Trillion $VOYRME tokens Total Current Burned Supply: 650B $VOYRME tokens
Token: $VOYRME (BSCscan) Contract Address: 0x33a887Cf76383be39DC51786e8f641c9D6665D84 (BSCscan)
Founder's Equity Locks:
Founder 1 - Equity Lock
Founder 2 - Equity Lock
Founder 3 - Equity Lock
Manual Burn 1 - 06/06/2021 - (BSCscan)
Manual Burn 2 - 06/08/2021 -
Percentage Allocations:
  • 50% - Burned at launch (500,000,000,000) - Burned (Verify on BSCscan)
  • 35% - Available Pool (350,000,000,000)
  • 10% - Marketing / Development / Exchange Listings / Audits (100,000,000,000)
  • 4% - Operating Fund (40,000,000.000)
    • Salaries | CapEx | OpEx | Profit Sharing Buy-back Program
  • 1% - Charitable Giving (10,000,000,000)
    • Controlled by charity board
Marketing and Development Wallet is used to fund development and launch the VOYR platform, along with marketing campaigns to attract users, investors, fund exchanges, and innovation. Additionally, marketing advisors and ambassadors/creators will be an incentive from this fund.
Operations Fund Wallet is used to fund the overall OpEx and CapEx ongoing operations of the company.
Initial transaction from the minting of the VOYR token and distribution to the wallets and investor per our funding arrangement is documented below. Liquidity load and lock will be available at the public launch of the VOYR token on Pancakeswap.
6/5/2021 - Note: The company had to fork a new contract to resolve an issue with liquidity pricing ratio imbalance from the public launch of the VOYR token. The company resolved the issue with a new issuance of the VOYRME token and replace the smart contract 0x22e6e752d81c8a66fb2bd981e6373b8c41aa8030 with the new VOYRME active contract that is referenced above on this page. At the time of closing down the old VOYR contract, all non-locked liquidity was extracted and move to the new contract. In the original contract, we burn the Cake-LP pairs to the dead address the original 550 BNB that was used to build the liquidity pool was lost. The old contract was gassed to 94% which is the max we can do with our 6% tokenomics contract. There is still small trading happen against this contract, but for all intented purposes, this token is dead and has no value to the VOYR platform. Previous Cake-LP burn - https://bscscan.com/tx/0xdee6a027cc1a418e3bed7a78ee5aca993c08d7814397d52eec10be3ed471ec61
5/23/2021 - Note: Prior to the public sale launch of the VOYR token in finalizing our smart contract audit we determined an inefficiency in the swap and liquify transfer amount ratio. Our original tokenomics model was built around 1 Quadrillion token supply pool. To accommodate a better price to optics ratio on the VOYR platform, we reduced the total supply pool to 1 trillion tokens. In doing so we missed a variable that would have kept the swap to liquidity at 5x value. To rectify the situation we made the determination during the pre-sale period to deploy a second remediate version of the VOYR smart contract. This decision affected 87 holders of VOYR token in the presale all of who were swapped 1:1 into the V2 contract. The remaining 20 holders also impacted are VOYR employees and contractors who were direct distributions per our operating agreements. In keeping with our radical transparency as a company the depreciated contract is listed here for historical records. All pre-sale purchased liquidity was transferred from the V1 contract to the V2 contract and will be locked in the liquidity pool at the public launch on June 2nd at 10 AM EDT / 14:00 UTC once VOYR is listed on Pancakeswap.
Depreciated Contract Address: 0x61EF7BC01559343df93Fa71E3b7dD8a5Dc514025 (BSCscan)
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