Frequently asked question pertaining to $VOYR Token Update after launch.

What is an Airdrop?

An airdrop is a distribution of tokens from the owner's wallet to a holder’s address. In the new token contract, we will use an airdrop to replace tokens 1:1 for pre-sale buyers and the correct ratio for those who bought in at the public sale.

What is LP? And what does that mean when people open LP against VOYR?

In Automatic Market Making in DeFi, such as Pancakeswap, you have to provide a liquidity pool to have a market to buy and sell against. When we did an early airdrop out of kindness, it also opened a vulnerability that anyone could have gone and set the LP ratio against us. We put one proactively at a minimal amount, but then people started buying and selling against it before fully funded it with true liquidity and causing a substantial pricing imbalance.

What is Arbitrage?

Arbitrage is the process of buying and selling in your favor to move the price point of an asset or token. We attempted to leverage this technique to re-balance the price ratio to no avail as the counter buying/selling against our pricing action was 10X the volume we could generate.

Why is it essential to have a pricing ratio to be accurate?

To be fair to everyone and to honor what we promised when we launched the company. If we didn’t address all pre-sale buyers held a substantial amount of price advantage over any public sale buyer, and the liquidity pool would have been in serious jeopardy in the long run. Rebalancing and launching a fair footing as promised is the right thing to do.

What does it mean when you said that you had to “gas the contract”?

Once we deployed the contract, it is there forever. The way to stop it from processing transactions or make it as costly as possible is to raise the transaction tax required to process a call. This fee is also called the “Gas tax.” We have a 6% tax already, so we raised the basis tax to 90% to slow down and eventually stop buys and sells into the old contract.

What is a Fork, and what does it mean to fork a new contract?

A fork is to take and make a new version of a previous item with some changes. We are forking the VOYR token contract into VOYRME and making a few performance changes as we have the opportunity to with the redeployment.

What is the difference between VOYR and VOYRME?

These are the token names, and to make it easy for everyone to know which is the live and good token going forward, we changed the name from VOYR to VOYRME.

What happens to my old tokens?

They are dead. You can delete that token from your wallet or tracking system.

If I bought in the pre-sale, what happens?

You will get swapped 1:1 with the same point-in-time vesting schedule already up to date. You lose nothing and will be made whole through the swap.

I bought it at the public sale. How much will I get in the new token?

VOYR will rebalance to the original opening public price point of 8.1M VOYR / 1 BNB. Your token allocation will be based on the amount of BNB spent. If you purchased 1 BNB worth of VOYR, you would get 8.1M VOYRME tokens.

What is the difference between SafeSale and Pancakeswap?

SafeSale is the launchpad we used for pre-sale, and Pancakeswap is the DeFi AMM, where you can swap and exchange for any token on the BSC network.

Is SafeSale another pre-sale?

Not this time. When we launch the token, we will offer a short amount of time for people to buy on SafeSale, but sales will also be open on Pancakeswap. The benefit of SafeSale will be a slightly higher pricing ratio of 9M VOYR / 1 BNB and no 6% tax. The thing to note is that SafeSale has a linear vesting schedule of 180 days where every second you vest and every 1.8 days, you get 1% of your purchase.

What happens to my current tokens vesting?

They stay as they are and will transfer over and continue vesting in the new VOYRME token.

What happens if I sold VOYR and I was part of the AirDrop campaign?

If you have no more VOYR holdings, you will not receive anything in the replacement.

What is this VOYR OneShot you were talking about?

VOYR OneShot will be an NFT marketplace app featured in the VOYR platform that will be launching soon to give people a chance to interact with each other and buy and sell content while the complete VOYR platform comes online.

When can we expect the new contract to be put live?

We expect to have the new contract online and live by Monday, June 6 at the latest.