Built For Creators
It Pays to Be Seen.
The VOYR Community Content Platform was built for Creators. At VOYR the creator gets to earn 100% of the transaction paid in $VOYR tokens for engaging with their fans, for posting content and will have the ability to sell NFTs within the VOYR Marketplace. At VOYR the Creator gets to be in control of their content. Since the platform operation cost is funded through the transaction tax of 1% on all $VOYR token transactions the Creators earn 100% of the direct funds that the fan spend on the Creators content.
The Platform will include controls for the Creators to be in full control of their content. Thanks to technologies such as NFTs this allows the Creators to continue to receive royalties for their content that is traded on the VOYR Marketplace or sold through our auction system. Not only are the Creators earning more on VOYR the original content they produce will continue to pay royalties with every subsequent transaction of their content.
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